Attack Zone Archery

Plaza Virreinal 54600 Tepotzotlán (Estado México)
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Description of Attack Zone Archery

If you are looking for something creative, original and innovative to entertain your guests, Attack Zone has the best option. It is a Mexican company dedicated to providing entertainment for events with innovative products with high technology. Among its different offers you can find Arc Attack a game that consists of bows and arrows with soft rubber tips.

The game consists of forming 2 teams, which need at least 4 players each. Each of the participants will be placed safety equipment. People from our staff will accompany you throughout the rental period to coordinate the battle and indicate the points and faults. They will be the ones giving the starting whistle and each player must take 2 arrows and the bow.

The battle will begin and you will be able to think about your strategy to hide and occupy the inflatable bunkers and obstacles that we will place in the field. Therefore, we need that the place where your event will be has a space of at least 12m x 8m. This game is suitable for all ages so you won't have to worry about the fun separated from adults and children.

Reserve your date, that we will take care of your event in the State of Mexico, we will take the fun to the place of the celebration.

Archery Tepotzotlán

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