Sierra Explora Archery

Calle Independencia, 21, Colonia Centro, San Joaquín 76550 Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
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Description of Sierra Explora Archery

With Sierra Explora we bring you closer to an exciting activity and a lot of aim! If you are one of the people who like to meet all the challenges, you have hit the white!

Do archery in our facilities, no matter how good we are, we will teach you to do this exciting activity , come show your skills and challenge your friends to see who it's the best in the arc!

We have a new modality in 2D! In which we take a tour of the facilities, with bow and arrow in hand, looking for our dams , which are 10 photo targets of animals , which we strategically place. This in order to simulate a day of real hunting, going up the difficulty level by advancing the route. The shots have to be made a certain distance, and we will take the score of the participant depending on his aim.

This activity is under the supervision of our staff so that no incident occurs, that nothing prevents you from learning from archery and how much fun it can be to do it. We will start by selecting a material that is adapted to the physical needs you have, especially at your age distinguishing between children and adults. Then we will explain how it is used before you start to fix your eyes on the target. After this small initiation you will be ready to start shooting. Repeat as much as you want to improve your first shots and progressively approach the center of the target.

Reserve your space , ask for availability and put your eye on the target! with Sierra Explora.

Archery Querétaro (Ciudad)

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