Canoeing in Hidalgo

Canoeing in Hidalgo

Canoeing in Hidalgo: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in canoe rental in Hidalgo. Canoeing in Hidalgo is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment,team building, social events, and original gifts.

Canoeing companies in Hidalgo

Manantiales de Nopala
Company Nopala de Villagrán (Hidalgo)

Springs of Nopala we invite you to live a refreshing adventure in family, walking in canoe in our prey. We are an ecotourism center located on the road between Da? ? u and Nopala. Within our facilities, we have our own lake with jetty where, on board wooden canoes, you can enjoy a quiet journey... (Canoe Centres Hidalgo)

Bosque San Miguel de Regla
Company Huasca de Ocampo (Hidalgo)

Come to enjoy an incredible day with family and row in our springs and lagoons with Bosque San Miguel de Regla Canoas. Bosques San Miguel de Regla Canoas is a special service that we put at the disposal of all our visitors to enjoy the beautiful lakes surrounded by trees and vegetation that are... (Canoe Centres Hidalgo)