High Guiding México Caving

Luna 8, El Mirador 09800 Iztapalapa (Ciudad de México)
 Wonders of the interior of the cave  Down to the cave with rappel  Explorers  Exploring the cave  Mud passageways

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Description of High Guiding México Caving

If you are a lover of sports and nature, High Guiding Mexico Caving has the best option for you, as it will take you to enjoy lovely places where you can test your skills and condition physics.

Enjoy what the earth hides from the surface and dare to explore the underground caves by excellent guides who will lead you through the caves to enjoy an exciting tour.

In the High Guiding Mexico Caving programs you can rappel down to the depths of the cave, go through very narrow passageways and maybe swim in underground rivers, depending on the cave you choose.

With this expedition you will have all the necessary material to carry out caving and transport to the site where you will start the activity, a sport that is available every day of the year. Dare!

Caving Iztapalapa

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