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Description of Climb Fit Climbing Walls

Welcome to Climb Fit , a very complete scaldrome and with all the services in Cuernavaca . In our facilities you can learn and significantly improve your climbing level and even your own physical condition.

Our facilities have more than 260m2 of scalable walls . With special spaces for climbers of all modalities:

- Boulder : It's about climbing without equipment, simply with the body by low-rise walls. We have several marked routes, so you can choose the most appropriate one for your level and follow it little by little. There are even some roofs and collapses. Dare to climb.

- Cordada : This modality consists in ascending with the support of another person who is giving you rope. It is to climb to higher heights and we recommend you to have a little more level so that you really enjoy it. Test yourself.

We also have a special area of ​​ specific climbing physical training and improving skills such as strength, endurance, balance and concentration. In addition, we have a complete program of global DRILL training for the whole body and better your physical condition in general with exercise tables, devices and guided classes.

Climbing Walls Cuernavaca

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