Aventura Vertical México Climbing

Juan Bautista 450 13220 Tláhuac (Ciudad de México)
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Description of Aventura Vertical México Climbing

Learn to climb different natural areas with the Aventura Vertical Escalada Mexico school, that will teach you from the basic modalities to become a good athlete.

With Vertical Adventure Climbing Mexico you can learn different forms of activity, high mountain climbing and rock climbing. Both modalities have basic or beginner, advanced and special clinic courses.

In addition, you will gain knowledge in workshops to correctly place the tools and anchors necessary to do the sport, and as a bonus, you will have an introduction to the world of nature.

Also, if you are interested in dedicating yourself to this exciting sport, they have courses to become a climbing guide.

As if that were not enough, the company makes excursions through several mountains and volcanoes of the country, in order to put into practice your learning.

Climbing Tláhuac

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