Balloon flight and breakfast in Teotihuacán kids

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Teotihuacán (Estado México)
 Family flight contemplate  Take off  unforgettable proposal.  pyramids of the sun and moon  balloon ride.
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Description of Balloon flight and breakfast in Teotihuacán kids

Can you imagine being suspended in the air over a hot air balloon that crosses two of the largest pyramids in all of Mesoamerica?

Fly inside a 2,200 cubic meter basket in a spherical 17-meter diameter and cross the pyramid of the Sun feeling like a scout with this amazing flight in a balloon. Help the little ones learn about one of the oldest cities in Mexico.

The first thing will be the registration, where you can ask us any questions about the activity, and so that you can enjoy it to the fullest, the price also includes a rich breakfast in our restaurant. Once up, you can make a toast with all your family.

You don't need anything more than your camera, clothes and super comfortable shoes. You will fly at 20 kilometers per hour!

We recommend you manage your time well, since the flight activity, registration, preparation and transfer after landing will take at least two and a half hours.

Also, if it's your birthday let us know and let us surprise you. And, for a small additional price, we will include a photo report and a video recording.

So, are you ready to admire the panoramic views while toasting with some fruit juice?

* Rate only for children under 10 years old and weighing less than 40 kg. If not, the adult rate will have to be paid.

Ballooning in MexicoBallooning Estado MéxicoBallooning Teotihuacán

What does the activity include
  • Shared balloon flight from 45 to 60 minutes (from 2 to 10 passengers)
  • Toast with fruit juice
  • Flight Certificate
  • Reception coffe break
  • Travelling insurance
  • Buffet breakfast, at the teocalli restaurant
  • Music during your flight
How long the activity lasts

The duration of the balloon flight is usually between 45 and 60 minutes

When your activity starts and finishes
Our schedules are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday.

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1 - 10 people
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