Balloon flight + proposal in Teotihuacan

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Teotihuacán (Estado México)
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Description of Balloon flight + proposal in Teotihuacan

Making the ring delivery to your partner cannot go unnoticed. Take that great step, it has to be with a spectacular plan. What do you think if you ask that special person "the question" about a hot air balloon ? And what better, than to do it in the wonder that it is, the Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacán .

Can you imagine what your partner's face will be, seeing the surprise you have prepared for him? It will be one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Not only will your partner be surprised, you will too when you see those beautiful landscapes, when the sun is rising and your reflection is heading towards the pyramids . Both the Quetzalcóatl Temple and the great Pyramid of the Sun will accompany you on this new adventure. For nothing in the world, you can stop taking a picture with this background, it will be a magical memory.

When they descend, we will display an extensive canvas with the phrase " Do you want to marry me ?" and together with a bouquet of flowers, it will be the perfect opportunity to deliver that ring and leave your partner with your mouth open. On this walk this great step will be recorded in their lives and it will be very difficult to forget it.

As soon as the excitement of what has just happened, we will take you to the Gran Teocalli restaurant, where you will enjoy a buffet and you can have delicious Mexican dishes for breakfast. We want to be part of your love story and that's why we create this offer and thus become your accomplices and witnesses of your union.

Ballooning in MexicoBallooning Estado MéxicoBallooning Teotihuacán

What does the activity include
  • Private balloon flight
  • Coffee Break
  • Traditional toast with sparkling wine
  • Custom flight certificate
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Travel insurance
  • Stretched canvas display of "Will you marry me"
  • Bouquet of Flowers
  • Photos of the flight
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this balloon flight is 60 minutes. 
When your activity starts and finishes
The take-off is at 6:30 am

Deal availability

Basic information

2 - 2 people
Rewards! 14.71$
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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