Balloon flight for 1 hour in Huasca de Ocampo

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Huasca de Ocampo (Hidalgo)
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Description of Balloon flight for 1 hour in Huasca de Ocampo

We are aware that flying is the dream of many of, this is the reason why this hot air balloon ride by  Huasca de Ocampo for an hour will be one of the most incredible experiences you will ever live.

Set the alarm early on that morning because we will pick you up at the agreed place at around 5 in the morning. We will go to San Miguel Ometusco, in the State of Mexico, where the heliport is located and, therefore, from where the balloon flights are made. The currents of the morning guarantee us the take-off, so we must be punctual in terms of preparations and organization.

Once there you will be present of all the preparations that are carried out to launch the aircraft. You can participate as much as you want or just ask us the questions you want and know all the functioning of the globe.

When everything is ready, all participants can get on board the basket to start the real adventure. You will witness the beauty of this city of narrow streets surrounded by forests, incredible trails and waterfalls that we will enjoy. The pilot in charge of the flight, a certified professional, will be in charge of commenting on each place on which you will be flying.

If you want, you can bring with you any device with which to take pictures and have the best snapshots of this adventure, which we highly recommend.

After approximately 60 minutes flying over the Magical Town of Huasca we will reach the land once again, putting an end to what will undoubtedly be a difficult experience to beat. We will also take you back to the city from the heliport.

* Bear in mind: If any of the passengers weighs more than 95 kg you will have to pay an additional fee.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in MexicoHot Air Balloon Rides Hidalgo

What does the activity include
  • 1-hour balloon ride in a shared balloon
  • Round trip transportation to balloon's heliport
  • Certified professional pilots
How long the activity lasts
Each hot-air balloon flight lasts about 60 minutes approximately.
When your activity starts and finishes
The activity time takes place from 5:00 am until 9:00 am, taking into account the pick-up and drop-offs.

The package includes roundtrip transportation from the historic center of Huasca to the balloon port where the flight takes place.

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