Balloon flight in Teotihuacan + breakfast + toast

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Description of Balloon flight in Teotihuacan + breakfast + toast

Have you ever lived the experience of flying and feeling how the air travels through your body? If you have never dared to fly in a balloon , here we have an option that will change your mind. For almost an hour you will visit one of the most important sites with great historical wealth ... the Teotihuacán Valley .

The flight will be in shared mode, that is, you will be accompanied by other visitors so you will also go out with new friends. Why cheer up with this option? Because you will have the most amazing landscapes at dawn. You can see how the sun will start to rise on the horizon, while the silhouettes of each Teotihuacán architectural site are lighting up.

We know that you will surely have the "spiky nerves", but calm that another of the things you will experience, will be the calm of the heights. You will enjoy like never before the silence caused by being on top and this will help you make the most of the beautiful views with each of the pyramids and temples , the green areas and everything that surrounds this site.

At the end of the flight, we will be waiting for you to toast what happened. We will listen to how your experience was and at the end, we will go to another place to relax and enjoy an exquisite breakfast to replenish the energy used with all those emotions.

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What does the activity include
  • Shared balloon flight.
  • Flight certificate.
  • Toast.
  • Breakfast.
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this balloon flight is approximately from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the weather conditions. 
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedule is to be confirmed before booking.

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1 - 10 people
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