Private balloon and daypass at hotel in Tequesquitengo

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Tequesquitengo (Morelos)
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Description of Private balloon and daypass at hotel in Tequesquitengo

Things are better lived in company and that is why we made this package so special. Tequesquitengo will wait for you to enjoy it to the fullest since they will fly in a giant globe, over its beautiful lake for about an hour and also have access for one day to one of the hotels more exclusive of the locality; The Captain's House .

We will start this spectacular adventure around 7 in the morning, register them and introduce the pilot who will lead the hot air balloon ride . Once the aircraft has taken its shape, we will take off towards the perimeter of the lake. The dawn they will see will be very different from all those who have admired in their lives. Enjoy its size, the way in which the sun is reflected in its waters and the activities that other visitors will be practicing in them.

Each moment of the trip will be recorded so, you will not have to worry about any details that could be lost by taking pictures. It will be a walk where you just have to relax and admire everything that surrounds you. In addition, you will have a couple of glasses of sparkling wine to toast in full flight. Cheers!

At the end of the sky walk, we will take you to the exclusive hotel ; The Captain's House As mentioned earlier, they will have a daypass to access all their facilities. Thanks to the warmth of Tequesquitengo, you can cool off in the pool or relax in a jacuzzi . You will have a view of the incomparable lake and enjoy it even more with beer and snacks that we will provide. Like this or more spoiled?

You can make use of the facilities until approximately 6 pm and with this close with a flourish, an unforgettable day sharing with your partner. They deserve a wonderful day and consenting at every moment. We wait for you!

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What does the activity include
  • Sparkling wine during the flight.
  • Video of your flight.
  • Message on the ground.
  • Access to the Casa del Capitán hotel and all its facilities such as swimming pool and jacuzzi.
  • Beer and Snacks.
How long the activity lasts
The balloon flight can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. From the club you can enjoy the rest of the day, until 6 pm.
When your activity starts and finishes
The flight schedule is at 7:00 and you can enjoy the club until 6:00 pm.

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2 - 2 people
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at +52 55 46313608!


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