Private balloon ride and lodging Tequesquitengo

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Tequesquitengo (Morelos)
 Balloon for couple Sunrise over lake  Sunrise over a balloon  Flight over Lake Teques  Breakfast in Tequesquitengo  Double room

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Description of Private balloon ride and lodging Tequesquitengo

Have you already chosen the destination but are you still deciding the activities? As we have an incredible option on your visit to the State of Morelos , you will fly in a private balloon with your partner over the attractions of Tequesquitengo . The basket will be reserved only for the two of you, where you will be accompanied by the pilot who will liven up the ride telling you about the places that will fly over.

With a duration of over 45 minutes you will know from a privileged view, the deep lake that is visited by dozens of people who love water sports. The panorama that you will see from the sun on the horizon reflecting in the lake, you will love and give a romantic touch. It has a perimeter of 16 km and is supplied by springs. They will enjoy the view towards the different plantations, they will also be able to locate the different recreational centers to take advantage of the pools and slides.

Tequesquitengo has attractive beach clubs thanks to the excellent warm climate of the place and that from the globe you can observe and decide to visit any of them. To accompany the experience, we will give you a glass of sparkling wine to bump the glasses and if they dare, dedicate some nice words. The moment deserves it! We will give you the option to deploy a canvas on the ground so that your partner can be surprised with a nice message. After having landed, we will share a moment to hear how your experience was and what you liked most.

We will return to the hotel and take them to a designated place so they can accommodate and enjoy a Mexican breakfast , fruit of the day and a rich coffee. Everything to pamper them! It will be a special moment to recharge the lost energy caused by the different emotions when sharing this adventure through the clouds together. This activity is an excellent option for a weekend getaway and what better than this package that includes double room accommodation.

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What does the activity include
  • One night lodging.
  • Mexican breakfast.
  • Private hot air balloon flight.
  • Sparkling wine during the flight.
  • Ground message and electronic flight report.
How long the activity lasts
The balloon flight lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes.
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedule is to be confirmed before booking.
One night in a double room with breakfast, pool, jacuzzi, green areas and Club Spa.

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2 - 2 people
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