1-hour Shared Hot Air balloon Ride, Tequisquiapan

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Tequisquiapan (Querétaro)
 Fly with friends in a balloon Balloon flies over Querétaro  About to make the balloon flight  Enjoy Queretaro in a balloon  Balloons taking off very close to the hacienda  Simultaneous balloon flights  Globe reflected in the water

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Description of 1-hour Shared Hot Air balloon Ride, Tequisquiapan

Fly in a balloon in the surroundings of the historic city of Tequesquiapan , a magical walk of approximately 1 hour, perfect to go in the company of whomever you want.

The trip in the balloon is with shared flight, with a quota of up to 32 people on simultaneous trips, each aircraft can accommodate up to 10 people. So you can tell everyone who is interested and come together to enjoy this incomparable moment in the Magic Town of Tequisquiapan.

The appointment will take place around 6 in the morning at the Tres Vidas estate. There we will have a coffee break that will serve to have a first contact and comment on what the whole balloon flight will consist of.

Together we will move to just 1 minute, to the Isaac Castro Sahade balloonport . The team of professionals will begin with preparations and balloon inflation. Whoever wants to participate can learn first-hand the operation of this giant aircraft.

An all set and when the captain of the flight gives us the signal to go up to the basket, an incredible tour will begin around Tequesquiapan , a historic city of cobbled streets and beautiful colonial buildings just 15 minutes from Querértaro .

Do not worry if you suffer from a certain vertigo, it is a very smooth and safe flight, partly thanks to the professionalism of the pilot who will know how to make you a spectacular tour taking advantage of the currents of the first hours of the day. Take a camera, you'll love capturing spectacular moments.

Upon landing we will travel to Tierra Mía restaurant, where we can enjoy a delicious American-style breakfast while we comment on the best moments of the flight. In addition, you will be a participant of such a typical moment in the balloon rides that if it is not done it will seem that it is not all done. We will provide all together with sparkling wine and we will deliver a personalized diploma to each one.

If you want to take advantage of the day in Tequesquiapan, you will have the option to enjoy the facilities of the pool in the Tres Vidas estate itself.

Ballooning in MexicoBallooning Querétaro

What does the activity include
  • Shared balloon flight
  • Coffe break
  • American breakfast
  • Toast with wine at the end of the flight
  • Flight Certificate
  • Use of the facilities of Pool in Hacienda Tres Vidas
How long the activity lasts
This hot air balloon ride will take about 60 minutes.
When your activity starts and finishes

The flight takes place at dawn, starting preparations around 6 in the morning.

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1 - 10 people
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