Shared adult balloon flight in Huamantla

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Huamantla (Tlaxcala)
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Description of Shared adult balloon flight in Huamantla

Very close to the Federal District an adventure awaits you that we are sure will fulfill one of your dreams. Fly in a hot air balloon over the city of Huamantla for 1 hour.

This balloon ride, already magical, awaits you full of surprises on a shared flight where you will enjoy the first city of Tlaxcala named Magic Town. Very close to other states such as Mexico City , Veracruz or Puebla , Huamantla will not stop surprising you with an impressive panorama.

That morning we will be waiting for you around 6 in the flight field. You should be as punctual as possible since you must take advantage of the air currents of the first hours to carry out the flight.

While we are inflating the aircraft and carrying out all previous tasks, you can ask us all your curiosities or even participate to feel one of the team.

Around 7 in the morning we will be in the basket to start the flight. We recommend you take the camera to capture the incredible views you will get from this town full of contrasts, its farms, the valley or its streets full of historic buildings.

We will be flying around an hour. When we reach land, in our moment of maximum euphoria, we will toast with cava while we deliver you a diploma that will emphasize your participation in the flight.

* Check the prices of this flight for children.

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What does the activity include
  • Shared balloon flight
  • Custom flight certificate
  • Toast at the end of the flight
How long the activity lasts
The flight duration is variable, depending on the weather conditions, between 45 and 60 minutes.
When your activity starts and finishes
The launching takes place at 7:00 am and must be at the landing area at 6:30 am to see the sunrise and the balloon ready and inflated.

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