Shared Ballooning Ride in Huamantla, Kids

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Huamantla (Tlaxcala)
 Family flight over Huamantla Family flights in balloon  Assembling the balloon with experts  Flights at dawn in Huamantla  Glad to receive your flight diploma  Photo during the balloon flight  Taking off between more balloons
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Description of Shared Ballooning Ride in Huamantla, Kids

If you are looking for a safe activity that is spectacular with the family, this interests you, because with this special price for children you can all fly in a hot air balloon over the Magic Town of Huamantla. We assure you that not only they will enjoy.

We will be in the takeoff zone around 6 in the morning. The little ones will not mind getting up early that day because the nerves will seize them before the adventure that awaits them.

Everyone can participate in the pre-flight work. While the balloon is inflating we will explain the operation of the aircraft and the places through which we will pass from this beautiful town, for something listed as one of the Magical Towns that exist, but the first in the state from Tlaxcala .

Once all prepared for the walk through the sky of Huamntla, we will all go up to the basket of the globe together with one of our pilots who will take care of your safety and make you a guided tour of the city. You should not worry about children, it is a very reliable activity, also the height of the basket is high, so it does not impress the height at which it flies.

You will enjoy unique views of the haciendas, the Humantla Valley and its surroundings. Do not forget the camera because you will be happy to capture the best moments and the unrepeatable faces of your children.

Upon arriving on land, after an hour flying approximately, the time will come to to provide (the children will do it with juice) and give you the personalized flight certificate , so that you never Forget this experience that you had as a family.

* This price is for children under 12 years.

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What does the activity include
  • 1 hour shared balloon flight.
  • Custom flight certificate.
  • Toast at the end of the flight.
How long the activity lasts
Hot air balloon flights last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. In total, about 3 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
The take-off time is at 7 am and you must be in the take-off zone 6:00 am to see the sunrise and the armed and inflated balloon.

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