Drive an F458 Ferrari 30 Minutes in MXCD

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Coyoacán (Ciudad de México)

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Description of Drive an F458 Ferrari 30 Minutes in MXCD

If you always have wanted how does it feel to drive a Ferrari through the streets of Mexico City, you have arrived at the right place. 

We offer you a unique experience to drive a model F458 Ferrari, which can reach speeds up to 315 km/h. This convertible is known for being the second faster in the world. 

Enjoy whilst driving it through the biggest urban metropolis for 30 minutes, the place of departure will be El Afán Restaurant, Sucursal San Jerónimo. 

At all times a professional pilot will accompany you and once the tour is finished, we will hand out photos and a video of your whole experience in the Ferrari and the driving certificate. 

The routes are previously planned and will be indicated at arrival. To live this experience you need to bring your valid driving license and we recommend to come with comfortable clothing. 

*The capacity of these events is limited, whereof we recommend to do the booking in advance. 
*The price does not include TAX. 

Drive a Ferrari in MexicoDrive a Ferrari Ciudad de MéxicoDrive a Ferrari Coyoacán

What does the activity include
  • A 30-minute drive of a Ferrari
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Driving certificate
  • Professional pilot
How long the activity lasts
This price is for an F458 Ferrari drive during 30 minutes through Mexico City. 

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1 - 5 people
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