Tepic Nayarit coffee route, 8 hours.

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Tepic (Nayarit)
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Description of Tepic Nayarit coffee route, 8 hours.

In Yerba Nayarit we carry out a coffee route. Come and get to know all about the elaboration and process of one of the most valuable drinks in Mexico, with transportation included leaving from Tepic.

We start our tour in the roasting coffee cellar called Café Luna de Nayarit, where our guides will explain to you the elaboration process of coffee and will give an exhibition of how to roast coffee. To conclude, we will head off to the coffee ranch and start the tour where we will also discover, and learn about the wildlife that is found in Nayarit too.

We will start to know each one of the stages of the coffee-making process. From the moment it is  it cultivated, the first stop is on the plant nursery, later to the coffee plantation where the seed is planted until it gets to a moment of maturity. In this journey, you will see the people that cut the coffee and appreciate all the techniques that they do during their elaboration.

Later you will see the drying of the coffee and see the machine functioning. When we get back to Tepic, you will enjoy a delicious meal consisting of fish and seafood.

Once you finish trying these delicious dishes, we will take you to one of the company's cafeterias so that you can taste the coffee and learn of the details of each type of coffee, letting you choose one of the drinks so you can enjoy it.

Get to know all everything behind the process of making coffee in Nayarit. 

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What does the activity include
  • Transport
  • Guide and coffee break
  • Visit  an exhibition of roasted coffee company
  • Walking the coffee plantations with technical talks about the slow process, ecosystems and migratory birds.
  • Visit humid and dry coffee
  • Control quality lecture and coffee tasting
  • Basic recommendations to prepare coffee
  • Typical regional meal
  • Drinks (soda, juice, beer and bottled water)
  • Guides
How long the activity lasts
The activity lasts 8 hours plus the transportation time. 
When your activity starts and finishes
Departure and arrival time: From Tepíc at 9:00 until 15:00, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We include the travelling to Tepic, one round trip.
Minimum age
11 years

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4 - 30 people
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