Kayak adventure in Cañada de Zatemayé 8 hours

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Tarandacuao (Guanajuato)
Adventure in kayak  Zatemayé Canyon  Impressive views of the canyon  Enjoy the kayak ride  Kayak ride with yours  Solis Dam in Guanajuato

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Description of Kayak adventure in Cañada de Zatemayé 8 hours

Would you like to navigate in the middle of a spectacular canyon? We take you to the Cañada de Zatemayé in Guanajuato to a kayak expedition where you can navigate in a beautiful canyon with incredible natural landscapes.

During this kayak trip we will enter the Zatemayé canyon also known as the Boca del Diablo and we will also navigate in the Solis Dam. During the journey you can admire beautiful landscapes surrounded by lush vegetation as well as the fauna of the region, such as a great variety of birds migratory and endemic. It will be a great experience to share with yours.

You will discover the history of this place with the archaeological settlements of Chupícuaro . Another tourist point of this tour is that you can admire the second Christ highest in Guanajuato.

This tour is an ideal plan to share with family since kayaking is low risk and also our instructors will be on the lookout at all times in case you ever need anything . They will provide you with the equipment necessary to navigate and will explain the security measures that must be followed at all times. We have single-seater and two-seater kayaks in case you want to share with someone the journey in the same kayak.

All kayaks and equipment are sanitized due to Covid's contingency, and we carry out sanitation measures such as the use of gloves, antibacterial gel and face masks, in addition to promoting the healthy distance between our clients.

Come and explore these enigmatic places and be amazed by their beauty, as well as enjoying a day in contact with nature .

* A minimum of 2 people is required to carry out the expedition.

Kayaking in MexicoKayaking GuanajuatoKayaking Tarandacuao

What does the activity include
  • Equipment: kayak, paddles, helmet and vest
  • Health protocol kit: antibacterial gel, face shield
  • Certified guide
  • 1 regional meal
  • Photos on social networks
  • Activity insurance
  • First aid kit
How long the activity lasts
The duration of the expedition is 8 hours in total, including transfers.
When your activity starts and finishes
Check schedules and availability when making your reservation.
Round trip transportation from Tarandacuao to where the activity is carried out (sanitized unit).

Adventure Sports Tarandacuao

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2 - 50 people
Rewards! 2.54$
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 00525546313608!


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