Laser tag in Ajusco or Santa Fe, 2 hours

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Álvaro Obregón (Ciudad de México)
helicopter laser warriors laser tag in ajusco

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Description of Laser tag in Ajusco or Santa Fe, 2 hours

We know you're a great strategist and this is why we want you to come to our facilities where, during 2 hours, you can prove your skills in an intense laser tag game in Cerro del Ajusco.

The match takes place in a popular gotcha area in Ajusco, located in the fields filled with barricades, aeroplanes and helicopters that you can as cover. You and your teammates will have to devise a perfect strategy if you want to overcome the opposition.

You will have two hours at your disposal to try out all the different themed scenarios in our field. A referee will be in charge of overseeing the game and provide objectives that you must complete.

Once the match is over, you can enjoy a delicious hamburger and french fries to replenish your strength and relax after an intense activity.

* Suitable for children 5 or older.

Laser Tag in MexicoLaser Tag Ciudad de MéxicoLaser Tag Álvaro Obregón

What does the activity include
  • 2-hour laser tag game
  • Access to our facilities
  • Protective gear and paintball gun
  • Hamburger, french fries and refreshments
How long the activity lasts
The paintball match has a duration of 2 hours.

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