Mobila Laser Tag Game in Mexico City, 5h

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Álvaro Obregón (Ciudad de México)
special laser tag mobile laser tag protecting the galaxy mobile laser dome

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Description of Mobila Laser Tag Game in Mexico City, 5h

Would you like to spice things and celebrate a special occasion in a unique way?

We can offer you just that with a space-themed mobile laser tag game. We will take care of everything so you don't have to worry about all the unimportant details.

Our equipment will be at your disposal for 5 hours, providing ample to enjoy the activity without feeling pressured by time or lack of thereof.

The space-themed laser dome also features music that enhances the immersion. On the inside, you will find a labyrinth that requires you to devise various strategies if you want to come out victorious. In addition, everyone can use face paint that turns you into authentic space guardians. As we said earlier, we want you to focus only on enjoying the activity to its fullest, which is why we will bring the laser dome to your house!

Up 8 to soldiers may participate in each battle and both teams are provided assistance by two laser coaches, who will also referee the match.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and join in on the fun!

* The laser dome requires a clear area of 10 meters in diameter and 8 meters high.

Laser Tag in MexicoLaser Tag Ciudad de MéxicoLaser Tag Álvaro Obregón

What does the activity include
  • Laser dome
  • Two laser coaches
  • 8 laser guns and vests
  • Music
  • Makeup
How long the activity lasts
The laser dome will be at your disposal for 5 hours.

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1 - 100 people
Rewards! 13.07$
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 00525546313608!
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Question: Could they move to Texcoco?
Answer: Hello Israel, good morning. Of course, we can go anywhere in the republic, could you provide me with a contact where I can send you all the information please.
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