6 hours bike tour through Pulqueras field

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Condesa (Ciudad de México)
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Description of 6 hours bike tour through Pulqueras field

Who said that we could not join a mountain biking route, with a visit to pulque haciendas ? From Mexico City , we will take you to know these spectacular places in Hidalgo , so set aside a whole day, which will be a very fun adventure.

This route will be led by a specialized adventure sports and culture guide. It will take us to the best route, where we will fill ourselves with culture and learn both history and the process of making this drink, which has become an icon of our country; the pulque . We will start pedaling from the Hacienda de Venta de la Cruz, that we have previously traveled and known.

We will continue rolling and our next stop will be Arcos del Padre Tembleque. Halfway, we will arrive at a place where those known as "Tlachiqueros" , will explain and show us how pulque is made, as well as its tradition. Don't lose your attention, it will say many interesting things!

Along with the sunset, we will head with the mountain bikes to the Hacienda de San Antonio Tochatlaco. Again, we will leave bicycles aside, to enter this site and see its facilities. This will be the end of the adventure and we are convinced that you will want to repeat it.

Do not think about it anymore and set aside your space.

* Your mountain bike must have its revision updated with a maximum of 3 months before the excursion.

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What does the activity include
  • Backpack
  • Lunch
  • Accident insurance
  • Security team
  • Guides
  • Support car
  • Transportation
  • Guided haciendas tours
How long the activity lasts

The time we will spend on the bike is more or less about 6 hours.

When your activity starts and finishes
The complete schedule including transfers is from 6:45 am until 9 pm

Van for 15 passengers with air conditioning and rack for 17 bicycles in case of being a small group, we will go by car.

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 20 people
228$ 58% from
Rewards! 2.84$
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Questions and answers about the activity

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