Cycling Route in Pulqueras de Hidalgo 2 days

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Condesa (Ciudad de México)
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Description of Cycling Route in Pulqueras de Hidalgo 2 days

Come exercise, ride a bicycle and also contemplate the beautiful landscapes that unfold at the rhythm of the route, not to mention that you will be living a transfer to another era, as if you will live the history of area. This tour includes transportation from Mexico City to Hidalgo and back.

This journey will begin arriving at the Hacienda de Venta de Cruz, once there the tour begins pedaling towards the Arches of Padre Tembleque, a route where you will see some old buildings, who are silent witnesses of the passage of time. This mountain bike expedition will be magical.

Towards evening, we will begin to arrive at the Hacienda of San Antonio Tochatlaco where thanks to a guide, we will know everything about this place. We will visit its gardens, facades and corners. At the end of the visit, we will enjoy a delicious dinner, to go rest and sleep. As it is a 2-day adventure, we include accommodation in one of the hacienda's bedrooms.

In the morning of the next day, we will start with the second part of this adventure. We will go to the Hacienda of Santa María Tecajete, to visit and get to know it. Next, we will arrive at the Casa Grande de Zempoala, which It is located in the center of the municipality. To close in the best way, we will pedal to the Hacienda Venta de Cruz to enjoy an exquisite banquet, which will make us regain strength.

Go ahead and enjoy this adventure on wheels with us.

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What does the activity include
  • Backpack
  • Lunch 2 days
  • Night of lodging type dormitory in a pulquera hacienda
  • Meals
  • Accident insurance
  • Security team
  • Guides
  • Support car
  • CDMX Transportation.- Hidaldo- CDMX.
How long the activity lasts
This cycling experience lasts for 2 days.
When your activity starts and finishes
The hours are to be confirmed when making the reservation.
Hospitality at camp rooms in the ranch in one of the pulqueras´ farms. 
Transport CDMX- Hidalgo CDMX in an air-conditioned 15-passenger van and bicycles on a trailer.

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1 - 20 people
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