Helicopter flight and Parachuting in Teques

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Tequesquitengo (Morelos)
Experiencing free fall Landing with the parachute Helicopter flight Jump in Tequesquitengo Tequesquitengo lake

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Description of Helicopter flight and Parachuting in Teques

No, this not a drill and this package is very much real. You can do 2 of the most extreme aerial activities in the beautiful town of Tequesquitengo, located in the State of Morelos.   You will be able to fly on a huge and beautiful helicopter in order to admire the most beautiful landscapes of this place and, after that, you will be able to fly (now on a light aircraft), in order to jump with a parachute.

At the agreed time and place, we will meet on a specific spot in Tequesquitengo, from where we will enjoy our first flight, this time on a helicopter. Once you arrive at our private hangar, we will show you the aircraft you will ride on, meet the pilot and, listen to the short briefing we will give you in order to enjoy of this ride for approximately 15 minutes. Within the different landscapes that you will be able to admire, you will find the Tequesquitengo Lake, which is visited by dozens of tourists every day, due to the great climate and artificial and adapted beaches that can be found by the shores of the lake. 

After landing, we will begin a short parachuting theory briefing on how to use the safety equipment, and will be able to learn the positions you need in order to jump with an instructor. This time, the nervousness you might feel will be very different to that from the helicopter flight, since now you will be only one step away from jumping. Once the theory part is over, we will go to the aircraft with you and get you in position. 

Start getting a hold on your nerves and cheer up, since this will be an adventure you will remember forever. We will begin to rise up, and it will also be an opportunity to see Tequesquitengo from a different perspective. Once we have reached our desired height, your instructor will indicate at which exact moment you will have to put yourself into jumping position, and face the door. Once it opens up, you will be able to hear the sound of speed and excitement and, in a matter of seconds, your feet will be hanging from the plane and you will be experiencing a true and real...free fall!

You will be as awake as you never have, all your senses on edge, and surely feeling emotions you will have never experienced before. Right after that, with the help of your instructor, you will open the parachute and start descending slowly. Take this chance to admire the beauty of this region full of nature, and try to spot some of its most iconic places like Faro del Agua, or the beaches of Coqueta or Vikingo and, of course, the Tequesquitengo lake, which will offer an unbeatable postcard view with the sun being reflected on its waters. 

Do not miss out on this opportunity, as it will be a day full of emotions, new sensations and experiences that will make it to your list of unique life-experiences, even if you only experience them this one time. We have the best pilots, and an excellent service. We are waiting for you!

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What does the activity include
  • Helicopter flight 
  • Private hangar and use of facilities 
  • Expert pilots
  • Flight license and permit 
  • Parachuting class
  • Tandem jump
How long the activity lasts
This actiity lasts for half a day in Tequesquitengo.
When your activity starts and finishes
Schedule to be confirmed subject to prior reservation.

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Basic information

1 - 5 people
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