Team building with Rafting and Canyoning 1 day

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Querétaro (City) (Querétaro)
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Description of Team building with Rafting and Canyoning 1 day

Today is the day to prepare your group to overcome their fears and enjoy an extreme day. This activity is ideal for rafting and canyoning in Río Micros, and for all those companies that go out of the conventional, of those that are or want a daring, innovative team , energetic, but above all united. This team building activity is not traditional as it seeks to get out of the ordinary, just what you surely want for your company. With a duration of 1 day with the best attitude to strengthen the group.

We prepare a day of rafting recreational with a descent of 19 kilometers in a class 3 river. As if this were not enough, we will also do canyoneering and n the Micos River jumping in 15 waterfalls of up to 9 meters os. If you have never done this type of activity, there will be nothing to fear, as we will take workshops with certified and very experienced experts. What better than to spend with the office group and to be able to work the different areas in order to be able to work as a team and have better communication.

For your team to be well prepared, we know that the meetings have all the information about what they are going to do in a week, because we prepare some classes beforehand so that they can handle the raft in the best way and It is time for you to prepare your team of experts to carry out this adventure with so much adrenaline and adventure.

We include a breakfast, induction course, raft practice workshops and companion rescue, lunch, rafting, certified guides and lifeguard equipment for the activities. Enjoy living with your company team in a different place, try to know more about them that can help you become a better partner and team of the company.

Surely after all this activity they will leave very hungry, so we will prepare a buffet meal worthy of champions. Enjoy some food where you can get to know more about the people and what better way they can talk about what they lived.
Without a doubt, this activity will be a watershed in your work group, they will never be the same again after this experience.

* Departure from the company at 3am, breakfast at 8am and at 9am to 6pm.

* The departure point is in Querétaro at Hotel Occidental, Plaza Antea, Tec de Mty.

Multiadventure in Mexico

What does the activity include
  • Traditional welcome breakfast
  • Induction course to river descent
  • Raft use practice workshop
  • Peer rescue workshop
  • Navigation workshop
  • 19 kms rafting
  • Buffet Food
  • Canyoning in Río Micos
  • Complete equipment for activities
  • Certified guides
  • Lifeguard and response and rescue team
How long the activity lasts
This activity lasts approximately one day
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedule will be given when making the reservation.
The experience includes the transport, from the headquarters of the company towards the activities place and back.

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6 - 20 people
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Rewards! 4.08$
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