Veracruz scuba dive

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Venustiano Carranza (Ciudad de México)
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Description of Veracruz scuba dive

Plan the best weekend to escape to a little vacation, diving in the reef area within the underwater national park in the State of Veracruz , leaving from Mexico City , in which you can do a variety of underwater alternatives such as cliffs, pools, ravines, you can also snorkel in the different reefs of the place.

A package with accommodation in a 5-star hotel, 4 days and 3 nights departing from Mexico City, we include transportation, food, guides and equipment for you to carry out the activities, we have everything you need prepared.
Come and know the culture of Veracruz, its traditions and gastronomy, the most visited places such as the fortress of San Juan de Ulúa, the Veracruz aquarium, the Naval Museum, among others.

Our itinerary:

- We leave at 17:30 pm heading to the wonderful Port of Veracruz, where we will spend a night to recharge.

First day: after our buffet breakfast, we will go to the Diving Center there we will embark and do the first dives, upon return within the great variety of gastronomy you will select some to delight the palate, too We will visit the place of interest that the group has decided.

Second day: taking the route before the diving practices, on the return you can continue eating the Jarocha cuisine so that you do not get left with the desire, we will also make another visit to the place that the group selects. < br />
Third day: depending on the weather conditions, we will do a deep dive or the traditional dive the most famous and spectacular sites such as the Wreck C-50 Riva Palacio, Cathedrals, the Garden or the Pantheon or the well-known Cañadas, so many options for us to dive and have a fun day and getting to know the underwater world.

We will finish in the best way, eating! In a quite varied buffet full of delicacies or you have the option of eating in some very crowded restaurants such as El Bayo or El Canda or the famous Villa Rica restaurant, before leaving for Mexico City, taking you with the taste of Veracruz.

Scuba Diving in MexicoScuba Diving Ciudad de México

What does the activity include
  • transport
  • 3 night lodge
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 meals
  • 2 dinners
  • entrance to popular places
  • 2 dives per day
  • tanks
  • local guides
  • 1 instructor per 5 scuba divers
  • meals during the transfer
  • scuba diving equipment
  • tips
  • personal expenses
How long the activity lasts
4 days and 3 nights, leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday.
When your activity starts and finishes
Thursday at 5:30 pm and return Sunday at 10:30 pm
Double cabins in a hotel at Puerto de Veracruz

Trucks that vary in type and model depending on the size of the group:

  • Lace Toyota or similar: for 6 to 10 participants
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter or similar: for 12 to 16 participants
  • Special bus: from more than 20 participants
  • Volvo type or similar: with a minimum of 40 seats

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2 - 16 people
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