Parachuting jump at 15.000 ft Puente de Ixtla 1 h

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Puente de Ixtla (Morelos)
An exciting free fall Parachoot jumping in Tequesquitengo Discover the sensation Jumping with monitor Parachute jump over the lake Jumping at the lagoon
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Description of Parachuting jump at 15.000 ft Puente de Ixtla 1 h

Live one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Jump in a Parachute from more than 15 thousand feet, this time enjoying the landscape in Puente de Ixtla and Tequesquitengo, in the region of Morelos. The duration of the entire adventure is approximately 60 minutes, of which 45 seconds will be to enjoy the famous free fall.

The parachuting jumps are done over the Tequesquitengo Lake, so you will fly over an incredible scenery. The jump is a tandem jump, in which a professional instructor jumps with you, guaranteeing you a safe experience and maximum control over the experience. Go ready to feel a myriad of emotions, that this sport allows us to release and get of some steam in the most extreme way all the accumulated tension.

Moreover, thanks to the overflight once the parachute is opened, you will be able to admire the surroundings of Tequesquitengo, a reknown Pueblo Mágico, its green areas, sportsmen practicing with jet skis or simply enjoying a boat trip across the lake. This day will be unforgettable, as all our team, will help you enjoy this activity like you never before have, and make an unforgettable day of it.

Get on the plane and fly... You will never forget it!

* The weight limit is 90 kg. Check the price for the jump for people between 91 kg. and 105 kg.

Skydiving in MexicoSkydiving MorelosSkydiving Puente de Ixtla

What does the activity include
  • Brief instructions bejore jumping
  • Skilled instructor
  • Flight in Cessna Carvan Aircraft
  • The entire material 
  • Tandem parachute jump
How long the activity lasts
Between 15 minutes and 25 minutes including the briefing, flight and the jump.
When your activity starts and finishes
The activity takes place from 8:00 am until 6:30 pm

Adventure Sports Puente de Ixtla

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