Tandem parachute jump 17 thousand feet in Cuautla

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Cuautla (Morelos)
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Description of Tandem parachute jump 17 thousand feet in Cuautla

One of the most exciting adventures is waiting for you in Cuautla, Morelos . You will jump from a plane, on parachute with a height of 17,000 feet . You will have to reach the Cuautla airfield where you will enjoy a complete experience for about 3 hours.

The aerodrome is located 18 kilometers from the center of Cuautla and you will have to arrive at the agreed time on the reservation, since we will prepare you for your jump. We will give you the instructions, uniform and all the necessary instructions so that you can live this unique experience safely.

You will share time with the monitor that will be hooked on you when you jump from the plane, he will teach you the best posture when you launch, tips and tips to live skydiving to the fullest. We will board the aircraft in order along with the other participants and start the flight. Upon reaching the height indicated, the adventure will begin, your turn will come and jump!

Give that first cry of emotion and let go of your body, let yourself be carried away by the instructor, enjoy every lap that the speed of the free fall will cause. It will be almost 60 seconds to experience what it feels like to fly at a speed of over 200 km / h. Your monitor will encourage and motivate you to smile and have fun like never before. Then he will take your hand and tell you the precise moment to open the parachute, follow his instruction.

It will be 5 minutes of a ride calm through the heights, where the instructor will teach you how to handle the parachute to direct it by focusing the landing point. Now the feeling will be different, it will slow down and you will enjoy a different panorama of the city. You will be able to observe a different view towards the volcanoes and a special plane of the mountains and vegetation of Cuautla.

Come to break your fears in the funniest way. We wait for you!

* The maximum weight is 90 kilograms.
** In case of being a minor, they will have to be accompanied by their parents.

Skydiving in MexicoSkydiving MorelosSkydiving Cuautla

What does the activity include
  • Tandem jump.
  • Jumping team.
  • Instructor.
How long the activity lasts
The total duration of the experience is approximately 3 hours, of which approximately 60 seconds of free fall and 5 minutes of parachute flight.
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedule is to be confirmed before booking.

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