Tandem parachute jump in Tequesquitengo

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Tequesquitengo (Morelos)
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Description of Tandem parachute jump in Tequesquitengo

Don't hear what flying feels like from someone else. Book now your seat and enjoy one of the most popular activities in the heights; a parachute jump. This is one of the sport which will allow you, for a few seconds, to feel the sensation of free-falling without restraints. You will jump from a height of 10,000 feet with impeccable landscape views of the Tequesquitengo lake, in the state of Morelos. 

Being the first time that you do this activity, since you don't have a certificate, it will be necessary to jump with a professional and qualified instructor to jump in what is known as the "tandem" modality. It will tis very instructor who will be in charge of guaranteeing you make the most exciting adventure of your life, and will explain everything you need to know about parachuting, as well as how to use the equipment, and the postures you must take in each of the stages of the jump launching. 

You will be able to experience a 30-40 seconds free fall at a speed of more than 200 km per hour. Get your hair all tousled and let the wind take over your body, extending your arms towards freedom. Once this part is over, you will be able to calm each sensation awaken on your body with the hovering movement of your body through the air with the parachute opened, from you will be able to have a very privileged views of this beautiful lake.  

This gliding part will have a duration of about 5 minutes, during which you will also be able to admire the green areas of this beautiful touristic complex and, what will surely catch your eye, will be the 16 kilometers of extension of this beautiful lake, and where you will be able to spot from the heights the many water sports that  people are enjoying together.  
Once you land, you will feel how your attitude and your mind will have been changed and, the truth is that, this sport will have managed to trespass your barriers and open your mind to new options. To encourage you even more (if that's possible), let us tell you that this package also includes photos and a video where the day you dared to defy the heights, will be recorded. 

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What does the activity include
  • Parachute jump from 10,000 feet.
  • Expert instructors.
  • Initial class.
  • Aircraft flight.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Jumping certificate.
  • Photo report.
How long the activity lasts
This activity lasts approximately 1 hour. 
When your activity starts and finishes
Schedule to be confirmed before you make the reservation.

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