Gray whale watching in Ensenada 6 hours

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Ensenada (Baja California)
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Description of Gray whale watching in Ensenada 6 hours

Learn about the oldest species in the world, the gray whale, a marine animal of gigantic dimensions with the boat trip that we will give you will be able to know about it.

What we will do is set out on the journey through the Pacific Ocean , leaving from Ensenada.
We have our own boat. spacious and clean for you to come with your group of friends or your family .

The monitors are included in this offer and they will tell you everything about the species that is an animal that is characterized by traveling throughout the sea until crossing to the other continent.

This species, despite its size, can jump and rise above the surface, you can ask for food to throw into the sea.

Every year the gray whale visits us on the shores of Baja California to reach Baja California Sur in order to reproduce, non-stay since it has to move through the marine currents and their continuous change.

Discover the gray whale!

Whale Watching MexicoWhale Watching Baja California

What does the activity include
  • Boat for up to 20 people, which has a sleeping cabin, bathroom, a living room, a captain, a sailor, and a guide
  • Water to drink
  • Life jackets
  • First aid kit
  • A pack of 5 photos
  • Specialized guides
  • Crew
How long the activity lasts
The trip lasts from 4 to 6 hours maximum. An alternative date for the tour should always be provided in case of bad weather, as the marina is closed and the tour may change dates
When your activity starts and finishes
From 8 am or 9 am to 3pm or 4 pm

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1 - 20 people
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