Access to Amusement Park in Chapa de Mota

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Chapa de Mota (Estado México)
Feeding the little giraffe  Safari truck ride  Exciting attractions  Nature shows  Encounter with dinosaurs  Boat ride  Hanging bridges  Living with giraffes  Attraction in the biopark  Sliders

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Description of Access to Amusement Park in Chapa de Mota

Enjoy a day of fun in one of the largest and most beautiful theme parks in the State of Mexico. A little more than 100 kilometers from the city center, in Chapa de Mota , you will find this option to enjoy as a family, a day living with extraordinary animals and natural environments They will also teach them the importance and care of them.

With this pass, you will have access to the best attractions of the zoo , to name a few: Buccaneers and Wolves , it is a show with sea lions by fun pirates, who will make us spend a moment of great joy. We will also get on the personalized truck to experience a safari-type tour , where we can drive through the protected area where we will find more than 500 animals living together in our free areas.

We know that the mystery and history of dinosaurs will never cease to amaze us, so this pass will allow you to enjoy a journey through the Jurassic River . Our explorer side will emerge when we get on the electric vehicles of the Subterranium attraction , in which we will listen to the history of mining, while the darkness and the noises will surprise us.

Other areas where we will walk will be that of the large elephants, beautiful lions and of course, the paradise of the giraffes. For the more adventurous, within the Sendero and Mini Kamba attractions, through hanging bridges and zip lines we will discover other wild species. These are just some of the attractions that this exciting pass will include.

Reserve your place and enjoy a day full of adventure, history, sport and surprises in this impressive natural park. Tour, explore and learn about the habitat of each species that lives on this planet.

Much fun awaits you!

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What does the activity include
  • Entrance and access to the following attractions:
  • Buccaneers and wolves
  • Safari
  • Jurassic river
  • Subterranium
  • Elephants and barbary lions
  • Giraffe paradise
  • Trail and mini kamba
  • Muziki theater and ziwa lake
  • Environmental pavilion and land of dinosaurs
  • Play area, mini zoo and bridge
  • Antarctic glider (weight allowed up to 80 kg | height greater than 1.20 m)
  • Kamba zipline (weight allowed up to 80 kg | height greater than 1.40 m)
How long the activity lasts
With this pass, you will have access to the park for 1 day.
When your activity starts and finishes
From 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

Deal availability

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1 - 100 people
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