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Avenida 10 77600 Cozumel (Quintana Roo)
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Description of Escape Room Cozumel

Come to Cozumel to enjoy this new modality, generated in Hungary. Escape games are born after the author of a novel begins writing about this skill.

With Escape Room Cozumel , you can try up to 3 modes to test your mental agility and work in team.

If you think you are a leader and that you can lead your group of 4 friends along the path of victory you have to try the three rooms we have.

The first tries to find the lost daughter of a famous Cozumel marriage, Maddie was kidnapped and only left a clue in her diary.

She writes her last days, you will have to be able to reach the end of the fabric because the room will start to be suffocating and you can't give up.

The second plot is about Double Crossed, a theme that tries to get you to decipher the riddle of the murderer by being a detective.

In the third modality try to rescue the teacher in Cozumel, a very famous teacher who has kidnapped.

Play these modalities in our escape game located on Cozumel Island!

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