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 Meet the flamingos Vegetation of Celestun  An ancient arch  Cenotes  Chicen Itza  Jarmoluk, old building  Kabah and its building  Kukulcan  The Mayan columns  Masks Chac de Kabah  Main pyramid of Kabah  Ruins of Kabah  Uxmal among the jungle

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Description of Amigo Tours Mérida Guided Tours

Come with us to discover, learn and enjoy what the Mayans left us. I speak of the incredible buildings of Uxmal, Chichen Itza or Kabah among others.

This civilization lived in the years two thousand BC approximately and it is believed that they were astronomer worshipers. They based their calculations on the stars, which made them almost exact in their buildings.

Many of the people who analyze the Mayan pyramids believe that their accuracy is due to the discovery of the zero they made.

If you want to know more about all this and on top of being able to enjoy nature, analyze the pyramids, see the flora and fauna, we have the best guided tours you can imagine.

Amigo Tours Mérida wants you to know everything wonderful about this state, come with your group of friends or family.

In them we include round transportation, we will look for you where you need, we include food and bilingual guides if you need it.

We have all kinds of tours, depending on the mode you need.

You can take advantage of a tour we have at dawn, which will allow you to enjoy watching the sun rise from the pyramid of Kukulcán.

We will immerse you in the most remote cenotes and places where they were going to meditate or make offerings to the gods.

If you want to know more about our tours ask.

Access the Mayan land!

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