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Description of Mezcaltour Guided Tours

Learn about the manufacturing process of the mezcal with guides experts who will take you on a tour of the Mezcal Route in San Felipe. We take a guided tour of the main estates and historical buildings of the region as well as the communities mezcaleras.

We are specialists in this area, we want you to know where the mezcal comes from, how it is made and the work involved in a drink that not only represents our essence as Mexicans but also already has a designation of origin. < br />
For this we organize a tour to 3 communities where mezcal has been produced for years: Emiliano Zapata, Carretón and Jaral de Berrio. Our packages include transportation and tickets to mezcaleras artisans.

Once in the agave fields, an expert will show you where and what types of cuts are made to the maguey to extract the nectar that is then preserved and distilled in barrels. The mezcal is preserved in wooden barrels and can be of different types.

Finally you can taste mezcal in the different visits, as well as other types of gastronomic products typical of the region.

Guided Tours San Felipe

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