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Description of Extreme Travel Hiking

In Extreme Travel Walk we love to walk and walk, that's why we organize one of the best extreme guided hike excursions that can exist in Mexico, a trip to the top of Orizaba Peak, the highest mountain in the country.

The Pico de Orizaba has its peak at 5610 meters above sea level, being one of the most extreme challenges for mountaineers and mountaineers throughout the Mexican Republic. At Extreme Travel Walk we invite you to join our excursion, testing your skills, fitness and discipline.

In Extreme Travel Walk we have the best instructors, mountaineers with years of experience that will take you on these trails in a safe, step by step way, and above all with lots of fun to enjoy the excursion and of the landscape.

This experience is only known to a few, you want to be part of this group or you want to continue being the ones I prefer to read it and that other people tell you about. If you choose the first option in Extreme Travel Walk we are waiting for you.

Exceed your own personal limits in the Orizaba Peak Challenge, we are sure you will get it.

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