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Description of JuanitoFly Paragliding

In this company, you have the opportunity to do an aerial sport in which you can improve or learn to practice free flight in paragliding this company Juanito Fly gives you the opportunity to do so in the best flight zone in the country.

In Fortín, Veracruz , flying is a delight, an incredible sensation, our pilots have a valid license for the realization of the tandem flight , we have authorized equipment, we assure our passenger and we are the only authorized flight club to practice this sport in the official takeoff.

Flying like birds and enjoying the sky is very easy since it is not necessary to have experience or practice any sport, anyone can fly the maximum limit is 110 kg, you can relax while an expert pilot takes you to plan on the Fortín valley, the view is spectacular.

The paragliding flight is an experience that you can always enjoy with your partner, with your family or just knowing that once you touch the ground, you can say; I have flown.

It is time to fly, we are the flight professionals are one of those who have enjoyed the sky.

Contact us to access the flight in the sky.

Paragliding Fortín

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