Sailing in San Francisco de Campeche

Sailing in San Francisco de Campeche

Sailing Schools in San Francisco de Campeche: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various sailing centres in San Francisco de Campeche offering a full range of RYA practical and shorebased sailing courses in San Francisco de Campeche. Find sailing lessons about sailboats, navigation and safety.

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Company San Francisco de Campeche (Campeche)

In order to learn the techniques of sailing, Xpicob Vela invites you to enjoy our sailboat in the sea waters in Campeche. Imagine the fabulous ride that would be sailing in the sea without engine sounds or the need for gasoline. Sailing gives you splendid sailor emotions as you learn to manipulate helm and sail , pulling ropes and making special knots. Accompanied by one of our excellent adventure guides, you can acquire these different techniques and enjoy the wonderful view that this tour presents. You will enjoy the marine life , admiring birds, fish and all the flora of the beaches and rocks. This is an excellent exploration route, to discover the corners of more natural beauty on the coast of Campeche. On the waves of the sea you will learn to sail and direct a sailboat , you can't miss it! (Sailing San Francisco de Campeche)

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