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Amusement Parks Querétaro: Look up for prices, exact location, opening times and get all the information about amusement parks in Querétaro. Rolle Coaster parks in Querétaro and amusement parks in Querétaro are perfect for birthday’s parties, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children and kids.

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    Infltable Titanic ship
    Amusement Parks Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
    price per activity

    Do you want to feel the emotions of being on a ship? This experience is similar to being on board of a vessel but far more exciting. This inflatable ship for kids will make them jump around and have...

    1-15 max No No Yes
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    Aquatic spheres rental
    Amusement Parks Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
    price per activity

    What we're about to offer is definitely going to add something else to your party. If you're going to have a pool party, you'd like to know what we're talking about. These aquatic...

    1-4 max No No Yes
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    Great Wall of China inflatable rental
    Amusement Parks Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
    price per activity

    Do you want to see your kids smiling from ear to eat at one of the parties that you'll be organizing? It won't be too complicated. We offer a very simple solution: renting one of our...

    1-20 max No No Yes

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