Compadres Hunting Team

Carretera Camino Real 32000 Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua)
 Ciudad Juarez Park Good aim  Archery club  Community of archers  Targets  In the sights  Practices  Adding points

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Description of Compadres Hunting Team

Compadres Hunting Team is an archery club based in Ciudad Juárez , in the state of Chihuahua , where all fans of this sport will find a community of people like them.

If for you, archery rather than a hobby is a way of life in Compadres Hunting Team you will find your place, as the club's main objective is to strengthen strong ties between its members so that Everyone can share the experience of archery.

The archery club Compadres Hunting Team continually organizes competitions and events so that its members can actively live this sport.

Normally, the archery club Compadres Hunting Team organizes its practices in the Trepachanga Extreme Park , however sometimes they change their locations so that the experience is more dynamic and fun.

If you are interested in joining this community, do not hesitate to contact Compadres Hunting Team.

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