Canoe Kayak in Mexico

Canoe Kayak in Mexico

Canoe Kayak companies guide: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in canoe-kayak. Canoe-kayak activities are a perfect for birthday's parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, and original gifts.

Canoe Kayak companies

Company La Paz (Baja California Sur)
UP 100
Company Gustavo A. Madero (Ciudad de México)
Euforia por México
Company Catemaco (Veracruz)
Prashanti Tebanca
Company Veracruz (Ciudad) (Veracruz)
Todo Terreno

Tips if you are going to do Canoe Kayak in Mexico

Canoe-kayak is a water sport that consists of putting into practice your abilities with small watercraft like the canoes are, that is very light and can go paddling without any difficulty whatsoever and take high speed throughout the brave rivers. Can you imagine? Is incredible!
1. Challenge your friends and share this adventure.

If you are looking for a different and challenging activity for your friends, you are in the correct place, so you will practice it together, even can go two or more people in the same canoe, creating that way a team to reach the end of the route, or on the contrary, the group can divide into different watercrafts, creating a kind of race and competition between you guys. You decide!
Challenge your friends and share this adventure
Is an activity that everyone can do
2. Is an activity that everyone can do.

To go canoeing, you don’t need any previous experience, nor specific physical condition, also the age is also a no-problem, both infants like seniors can practice it with the company of a responsible adult. So, share your canoe with that special person to have great fun. The only requirement will be to know how to swim.
3. Have fun in a safe way.

You could think that to practice canoeing can be difficult and with a great risky, the reality is that no, you will only row and there are a variety of skill levels, including whitewater rivers where you can practice this type of sports, depending on what you are looking for, these are the rivers we recommend. If you prefer a calm tour to admire the sights, or, desire adrenaline and extreme fun with your friends. You will always go with a life jacket and a helmet for higher protection.
Have fun in a safe way
Is a very cost accessible activity
4. Is a very cost accessible activity.

To carry out this sport, you don’t need to pay a great quantity of money, is enough to just rent the watercraft to start with the adventure, so the life jacket and the helmet are handed out by the company, depending on the difficulty level of the river will be extremely necessary. It will be enough to just wear comfortable clothing with which you can move the arms freely. It can’t be easier!
5. Gift yourself a different day.

Get out of the routine and connect with nature, appreciate the unique sights whilst enjoying the calmness that the water gives, forgetting about the worries about work or school. You don’t need to travel far to do it, meaning the canoeing adventure can be found near your city. So it is not so hard to enjoy a relaxing and resting day.
Gift yourself a different day
Would you like to practice canoeing?

You can already find it all over the Mexican Republic and is an activity that is offered all year round since, during Winter, you can wear a neoprene suit which maintains your body with a warm temperature, meaning you won’t be cold. On the other hand, if you want to do it in the Summer, you can do it only wearing a bikini, but if you do, book in advance since is the season where the sport is greatly requested.