Montemorelos Parachute Jump for Birthday Boy

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Montemorelos (Nuevo León)
 Extreme fun celebrate your birthday jumping  Tandem jump in Nuevo León  Screaming with excitement  Celebrating in a big way  Jumping from a plane

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Description of Montemorelos Parachute Jump for Birthday Boy

Thinking and finding the best birthday present will always be a very difficult task. But do not pressure yourself anymore because here we will help you solve it. You will surprise the birthday boy by reserving a place for him on the plane, to parachute to a height of 10 thousand feet in Montemorelos .

It will be launched in tandem mode , since all the people who are going to do it for the first time or do not have any certification, need to launch hooked on an instructor. This does not take away from the fun since the instructors are trained to provide the best adventure of all.

We will receive the celebrant in the best way upon arrival at Montemorelos Aerodrome , in addition to congratulating him, we will give him a brief talk about skydiving where we will include instructions, postures and safety instructions. The instructor who will jump with him will put the harness and all the equipment on him. Together they will get on the plane to prepare before the jump.

It will welcome a new year, flying over the city and first appreciating the landscapes from the plane. As soon as it is your turn, it will be time to jump and enjoy the most exciting seconds you will ever live, you will fall at a speed of more than 200 km / hr in free fall .

Next, you will help your instructor to open the parachute and observe the panorama more calmly, we will get to see the entire city and the limits with General Escobedo clear, in addition to the mountain ranges that characterize Nuevo León .

This very special celebration will be recorded in a special way since at the end of the flight, we will deliver you the photographs and the video that we capture from your arrival to landing. As you read it, there will be no more exciting gift than this. Give that special person the opportunity to awaken the best emotions and start a new year of life in an original way.

* It will be necessary to present identification that proves the date of birth of the birthday boy.
** Subject to weather conditions.
*** The maximum weight will be 90 kilos, an extra will be charged per additional kilo.
**** Minors must present parental authorization.

Skydiving MexicoSkydiving Nuevo León

What does the activity include
  • Tandem parachute jump
  • Safety equipment
  • Activity monitor
  • Previous class
  • Photographs and video
How long the activity lasts

The duration of the entire activity is approximately 50 minutes. Where 30 will be of flight and 20 minutes of waiting per person, to prepare photos and video.

When your activity starts and finishes

Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year from 09:00 to 17:00.

Minimum age
7 years

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1 - 30 people
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Rewards! 6.25$
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