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Paseo Juríca, 8751 76100 Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
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Description of D-Code Rooms

The famous Escape Rooms or Escape Rooms are more fashionable than ever. That's why in Querétaro you have an option to enjoy this mysterious activity in the most fun way.

D-Code Rooms We are a company that offers you 4 rooms with different themes. You will enter a mysterious room together with your group, you will have different clues that will help you solve the riddles to escape from it. You will have to follow your intuition and your concentration to open the doors and run.

The activity is 60 minutes long, where your imagination has to fly more than ever. The rooms you can book are:

  • Morgan´s Scape where you'll have to run away from the captain and get the exit map.
  • Assault on the Museum you'll have to steal a piece of the imperial family to get out.
  • Mina Encantada where you'll have to find a way to deactivate explosives before time runs out.
  • Wands & Prophecies which is a new room and is inspired by the entire world of Harry Potter.

These activities are usually done in groups of between 3 and 5 people , ideal to enjoy with family or group of friends; but reservations are also usually made for team building because they are activities where you have to work as a team and strengthen work ties. Contributes to the integration, communication and delegation of tasks in this game.

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