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Hacienda Grande 206, Jardines de la Hacienda, 76180 76180 Querétaro (City) (Querétaro)
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 Discovering the enigma Enigma Rooms logo  Dare to decipher the enigma  Deciphering clues  Finding clues  Find the clue in ...  Enigmas  Secret keys  Locate on the map  Typewriter  Solving the enigma  Russian secrets  We are watching you  Get to know our rooms  What will you do to free it  Pay attention to the clues

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Description of Enigma Rooms Querétaro

Imagine being able to be a spy for a day, you are dressed in civilian clothes and you are entering the theme of the Cold War. The world is in your hands and you have to be able in 60 minutes to be able to discover the KGB baddie, the group of Russian spies.

In this modality stealth and the art of going unnoticed is the key so that you can defeat this game modality that has a high difficulty.
You and your group of up to 5 people have to soak up and wrap themselves in the plot, you know what is being said. Loving what happens before achieving the goal before loving the goal.

It is 1965 and you have little time to be killed, run, breathe, act, feel what it is like to get out of a escape game.

On the other hand, be careful in the second mode they will kill you, a serial killer takes slow steps until he reaches you. He wants your corpse and he wants to tear you to pieces.

Be the hero of this story and reach the exit. Remember that in 60 minutes many things can be done, take advantage of them well.
Or be Conan Doyle and his investigator, Sherlock. With tricks and body readings try to get to the end of the tracks.

Play this in an escape room!

Escape Rooms Querétaro Escape Rooms Querétaro (City)

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