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Description of Madhouze

Enter and choose the room you want, you have 3 possibilities to enter a different world and play the mode you want.
Enjoy our escape games, first acquire the atmosphere of a massacre generated by the zombies , they have now become more agile.

They walk in large groups and you are only with your four friends, they have to follow the clues in order to escape. In 60 minutes you have to get it before being devoured.

Imagine you are in a totally destroyed world?

Our second theme is to survive the serial killer. As if he were a fugitive he is trying to chase you and you can't let him kill you.
The clues are there, they have to know how to use them. Don't give up and try to follow little by little.

You can come with your partner or your group of friends, our rooms are several and we assure you a unique fun.
In the last room there is more than one murderer, the pressure can be suffocating and you need to get all the clues together and get out unscathed by the possibility of being caught.

Go ahead and exit the escape room victorious!

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