Time Zone Escapes

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Description of Time Zone Escapes

Enter the mode of escape games, a new way to play and have fun as a team, now what you have to do is know how to manage your times, if I have to be the leader, be a good guide to Let no one lose and solve the puzzle.

In this type of games there is always a mystery to solve, in this way they have to try to go step by step, listen to the tracks of the game master and then in 60 minutes try to reach the conclusion.


We have 3/4 exhaust , in the three'll have 60 minutes maximum to solve the riddle.

The themes we have are The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, a relic that has been lost for years, and nobody can find it, you have to get to it before the thieves go first and can steal it.


The second modality we have is The Clandestine Bar, here a murderer has done his thing, you will have to be able to solve the mystery before he continues to commit murders.

In the last scene that we put you in, it is known as The Curse of the Evil Genius, a macabre story that you will have to solve before she ends up winning you.

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