Hydrospeed in Mexico

Hydrospeed in Mexico

Hydrospeed. Check prices, quotes and get the best deals of hydrospeed companies. Hydrospeed is a perfect activity to practice on birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding and stag and hen parties.

Hydrospeed companies

Company Polanco (Ciudad de México)

Rafting is a Mexican company that is dedicated to the planning and organization of trips for activities of descent of rivers like the hidrospeed. These trips are planned ten kilometers from Tlapacoyan Veraruz on the Filobobos River. Hidrospeed or Riverboard is a sport that consists of descending a... (Hydrospeed)

Sierra Verde
Company Ciudad Valles (San Luís Potosí)

Have not yet tried the hidrospeed, so what are you waiting for? In Sierra Verde Hidrospeed we offer you this adventure sport in one of the best scenarios in Mexico: the Huasteca Potosina. Sierra Verde Hidrospeed, also called Riverboard, is a sport designed for those who are looking for extreme... (Hydrospeed)

Tips if you are going to do Hydrospeed in Mexico

Hydrospeed is a water sport that is trending more and more every day and is the perfect one for the adrenaline fans and is just to descend a whitewater without the help of any watercraft. Meet it and dare to enjoy it!
1. Enjoy a fun and new extreme sport.

Is really easy, this sport is like rafting, and you just need to jump into a whitewater river, only that you will go along with a rigid board that only covers you from the rocks and waves -which increases the adrenaline and adventurous feeling.
Enjoy a fun and new extreme sport
You don’t need any experience, only to know how to swim
2. You don’t need any experience, only to know how to swim.

To carry out this activity we don’t require anything else that know how to swim, no previous experience nor any specific physical condition. There exist a variety of rivers with higher skill difficulty, so you just need to choose the intensity of this journey. Independently of the level of the river, the adventure will be unforgettable and unique, and the sights you will sightsee are marvelous.
3. Gather your friends and live an experience.

Challenge your friends with a hydrospeed adventure, is an activity that not everyone dares to do, so share this practice and cheer everyone whilst enjoying this extreme sport. You can carry it out with a group next to a professional guide. Lose fear altogether in the water!
Gather your friends and live an experience
There is no danger, you will always go protected
4. There is no danger, you will always go protected.

Is true that a board, that is made with a rigid plastic and has a part made of sponge that helps you to float, cover you from the rocks in areas where the deepness is minimal, and also covers you from the intense waves, but this won’t be the only protection. You will wear a helmet and a life jacket, flippers to swim better and a neoprene suit to maintain a warm body temperature, since, normally, the water is really cold. Everything is greatly designed to enjoy great adrenaline!
5. Don’t limit your capacities and dare to live this adventure.

Leave the activities with watercraft aside, like kayaking, rafting or canoeing. Take a risk and enjoy one of the best experiences of your life. The hydrospeed offers much more than any water sport since you will be face to face with a whitewater river. Experience strong emotions and put into test your limits… Once you do it, you will want to discover another ricer with a new hydrospeed board!
Don’t limit your capacities and dare to live this adventure
Would you like to practice it?

Like we already said, nowadays, is not a very known activity in Mexico… Nevertheless, each day is becoming ore trending thanks to all those fans of extreme sport and activities.

You can be one of the first to enjoy hydrospeed and share this experience with everyone else.

Nowadays, you can practice it in the City of Mexico and in San Luis Potosí, but don’t hesitate, because you will be able to soon enjoy this activity near your city.

We recommend you to do it during Spring and Summer, but you need to stay attentive to the river flows since force is required to carry out this exercise, and if the temperatures are cold, do not worry because of the neoprene suit you will maintain your body heat. Check our offers we can provide right now!