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Description of Galaxzer

What better way to have fun with your friends than by practicing Laser Tag , located in the capital of Aguascalientes, at Expo Plaza, where we want to promote healthy and comprehensive fun. We are dedicated to promoting fun and entertainment to put the skills of strategy and teamwork into practice.

In Galaxzer you will feel like a galactic soldier to experience different games, creating a totally friendly environment. The game takes place in a sand field where you will face different obstacles , accompanied by music and special effects.

We offer you a smart vest that has sensors that only shoot the laser at your opponent. The laser trigger is completely harmless , which emits an infrared signal to the vest's sensors and has the option to disable it when taking three or four continuous shots. It has a panel of points where you can see the performance throughout the game, the objective is to generate as many points as possible and defeat the opposing team or player.

We also have integration dynamics in collaboration with schools and companies for the training of individuals, tournaments to create high-performance work teams and facilitate the adaptation of members and, in addition You will be able to create your unique and fun-filled birthday party with our different packages.

Another of our options that we put at your disposal is the rental of a inflatable labyrinth of 6 x 10 meters that we install in your party or event so that you offer a totally fun experience and different from your guests. Packages are hourly and include 6 vest laser triggers. Installation and dismantling are carried out the same day of your event.

For us it is essential to transform free time into a new experience to have fun and develop a competitive spirit.
Train your team and make your strategy to play with us!

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