Mountain Biking in Mexico

Mountain Biking in Mexico

Mountain Biking , MTB : Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in mountain bike hire and mountain bike routes. Mountain biking is the perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Mountain Biking experiences

Mountain Biking companies

Mountain Biking San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato)
San Miguel Parque de Aventura
8$ per person
2 Prices
Mountain Biking Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
Sierra Explora
11$ per person
1 Prices
Mountain Biking Guanajuato (Ciudad) (Guanajuato)
Turismo Alternativo en Guanajuato
74$ per person
1 Prices
3 reviews
Mountain Biking Tepoztlán (Morelos)
Natural Adventures
24$ per person
3 Prices
Mountain Biking Condesa (Ciudad de México)
68$ per person
8 Prices
1 Feedback
Mountain Biking Actopan (Veracruz)
Mountain Biking Cuajimalpa (Ciudad de México)
Locura de Vida México
Mountain Biking Amecameca (Estado México)
Bosque Esmeralda
Mountain Biking Rosarito (Baja California)
Rosarito Ocean Sports
Mountain Biking San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato)
Bicentenario Todo Terreno
Mountain Biking San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas)
48$ per person
2 Prices
1 Feedback
Mountain Biking Huasca de Ocampo (Hidalgo)
Huasca MTB
10$ per person
4 Prices
3 reviews

Tips if you are going to do Mountain Biking in Mexico

Mountain biking is a sport and activity which you can share and include the whole family, provides the opportunity to practice exercise and improves your health in a fun way, whilst meeting new places and incredible places surrounded by safe and healthy ecosystems. It says, that once is practices, it becomes a lifestyle. Fall in love with the places you can reach and explore with a mountain bike!
1. Get away from the routine and worries.

With biking, you get distracted from the routine, the problems, and day by day worries. Is an activity that is carried out in the outdoors with a route through nature, which gives us a sensation of satisfaction and distraction. To practice biking, it improves humor, self-esteem, avoids anxiety and even depression.
Get away from the routine and worries
A sport that can be practiced by the whole family
2. A sport that can be practiced by the whole family.

Even if is a small child or a senior, biking is always recommended as a great activity and is even better if is practiced from a young age. With this sport, you can gather your whole family and depart together to share the experience, explore new places, since there are bikes for the little ones, suitable for their age and height. Also, the routes that are covered are established depending on the requirements and inquiries of the family or group. That makes the ties stronger and stronger. Bring your kids and parents!
3. You reach places of hard access.

There exist marvelous places, where our cars or even the 4x4 can reach, well, mountain biking, is the ideal option to arrive at these places and don’t miss anything, incredible waterfalls, viewpoints to see whole cities or beaches, rocky areas or simply to meet the end of a zone. Get surprised with all the places you can meet and explore.
You reach places of hard access
Find people with your same passion
4. Find people with your same passion.

In the biking tours, you can find people with your same lifestyle, friends with who you feel identified or even with who you get to share experiences, hear recommendations of where you can do your tour and new tips of this sport. You can even make best friends that can accompany you in your next adventure and trips.
5. Is the most recommended sport by doctors.

This sport provides us with immediate advantages to our health and is for that that is so recommended, adding to that is a fun activity capable of making us forget about the day by day.

By moving those pedals, your burning calories and also helps to potentiate the immune system, strengthening your muscles and helping to improve the posture of your back.
Is the most recommended sport by doctors
Would you like to practice it?

Nowadays, this sport includes a long list of mountain bikes tours in Mexican touristic areas, where you cross the center of the city, beaches, or specifically one archeological zone whilst riding a bike, just to make the adventure more fun. If you prefer it, you can even rent them for hours or days and organize by yourself the route and mark the places you want to visit.

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