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Description of Alkamping

Get to know our five multi-adventure camps in which we develop psycho-educational education activities.

With programs like these Alkamping aims to reinforce in the little ones teamwork, assertive communication, improve artificial intelligence, create values and, best of all, through fun.

Our mindset has always been to keep our objectives and goals clear. Raising a participatory diagnosis .

With the camps children of all ages can come, in them we will develop recreational workshops, prevention of bullying, addictions and abuse of any kind.

We move through various places in Jalisco, also creating a joint awareness of nature and exploration of places.
Programs can be thought of if you are a parent for a group of sons and daughters. For institutions and business groups.

Come and try the camps, you will undoubtedly enjoy the training of the monitors.

Alkamping knows how to encourage the mind and fun together, find out!

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