Eco-Aventura Capulines

Juarez S/N Comunidad Los Capulines 38133 Celaya (Guanajuato)
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 Horse through the center enjoying nature  going through the caves  in the natural places  crossing the roads  in the best company  the kids  Admire everything once you're up  Learning to rappel  Aim for the target  Aim and win  Group walk  Walk everywhere  With the group now to start  With a lot low care  With your group of friends  Know all the forests  Show that you can  Descend all terrain  The terrain we climb  Choose the horse you want  Stretch your arm  Explore everything  Photo after the walk  Photo on your horse  Rappelling with the monitor  Take the horseback ride  Nothing resists you  Let the adventure begin  Pick up your arrow  Be the one who wins  smile for the photo  Shoot your rival  Once on top  Come with your couple  logo ecoave ntura capulines

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Description of Eco-Aventura Capulines

Our hiking tours can be on various routes, according to the experience of our visitors.

We have the following routes for everything that is Celaya, a very striking part of Guanajuato, it is due to all the history it has, what it represents and what you can discover in its stories.

Try to do with us this multitude of activities.

  • Capulines surroundings
  • Fleas
  • The jump
  • Casserole Canyon
  • Ixtla (Only people with experience, includes a luch and a meal)
  • Cerro de Santa Rosa (only people with experience, includes a luch and a meal)
  • Mompani Queretaro (2 days) only experienced people (includes meals)

In the tours you can observe the different species of flora and fauna that still survive in the protected natural area and its surroundings.

During your tour all the time you can have a monitor to help you develop the activities and you can get to know the areas with the stories we will tell you better.

Request your water or everything you need during your stay with us because it is important that you are very well attended.

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Horseback Riding

IMPRESA SILVER Horseback Riding Guanajuato 2017


How to get there?
First time they visit us, we can regularly meet at some point in Celaya or San Juan de la Vega, we guide them to reach our facilities. It is necessary to get to San Juan de la Vega, cross to the dawn and then run into the road that goes from Jauregui to Empalme Escobedo, turn right, immediately follow the arrow that indicates "Galvanes" to turn left. The road is followed, Galvanes is passed, the road is followed, Capulines is reached and our facilities are at the bottom of the community.

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