87 Parque Extremo

Av. México 68, República Mexicana 80147 Culiacán (Sinaloa)
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Description of 87 Parque Extremo

87 Parque Extremo is the gotcha field that is located within the facilities of EME Park of Culiacán.

We offer packages for the whole family that you can take advantage of every day, from Monday to Sunday. We open from 10 am in the morning until 8 p.m. continuously. In our field you will find:

- 4 areas to play gotcha that has several separate zones according to the age of the players. In this way the little ones remain safer and the older ones can develop their skills with games suitable for adults.

- Additional games like football that you can also use throughout your visit spending the whole day with us.

- Video games zone

- Snack and rest area equipped with ventilation so you can recover after each game.

You will have the support of instructors who will explain what the rules of the game are before starting the gotcha session. If you want to reserve your inn we will pack you up to 10, 15 or 20 people with 250 capsules for each player, food, snacks and a surprise gift for the protagonist of the party.

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